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Soho Wooden Blinds Plus! from

With precision made-to-measure sizing up to a maximum width of 1800mm and 2400mm drop, the stunning 50mm slat Soho range of genuine hardwood blinds are perfect for almost every window. The high quality timber blinds are offered at our most competitive prices which makes them even more attractive!

Dark Laurel

White Blush

American Beech

Tallow Cream

Midnight Black

Madison Wooden Blinds Plus! from

Our best selling range of wooden blinds offering the perfect combination of quality and value, crafted from high quality solid wood with matching wooden pelmet & coordinated cords.

The specially selected timbers give a wonderful natural look with a variety of tones and shades within the same blind. Each slat takes the UV protecting stain a little differently given a wonderful organic look; available in 25, 35 & 50mm slat widths and sizes up to 2400mm in both width and drop.




English Oak

Antique Pine

French Oak

Tudor Oak

Manhattan Wooden Blinds Plus! from

Exceptional real solid hardwood blinds perfectly tailored to your sizes. Offered in a comprehensive range of sizes in 50mm, 35mm and 25mm slat widths and in sizes up to 2400mm wide by 1800mm drop.

The Natural Rowen, Canadian Maple and Tuscan Oak showcase the elegant natural grain of the timber and are only available in a 50mm slat width.


Parchment White

Nordic Pine

Almond Oak

Cottage Pine





Burnished Oak

Natural Rowen

Tuscan Oak

Canadian Maple

Broadway Wooden Blinds Plus! from

By utilising ultra modern techniques these solid wood core blinds are finished to perfection with a stunning deep grain veneer. This results in absolute consistency of colour throughout the blind with added strength and durability, enabling our workshop to craft these blinds both wider and longer than our other ranges.

The exceptional level of finishing touches to these blinds makes them stand out as an extremely high quality and striking means to dress your window.

Birds Eye Maple


Dark Walnut


Light Bleached Oak

Light Cherry

Light Chestnut


Red Cherry

Red Cyprus

Red Rosewood



Natural Cherry

Light Walnut

Mismatched Teak

Dark Chestnut

Dark Cherry

Chichester Wood Blinds from

Extremely durable, high quality blinds in a choice of 25mm or 50mm slat widths. Available in a wide range of quality multi-layered painted finishes to suit any interior decor. These exceptional blinds are finely hand finished with your choice of cords or decorative tapes. A maximum width of 2438mm is available and a drop of 3500mm.

Glacier White

English White

Old White




Duck Egg

Pretty Pink


Tuscan Green


Canterbury Wood Blinds from

Bespoke 45mm slat wooden venetian blinds with the natural beauty of the genuine timber used to optimal effect. Hand-made with an attention to detail, these Ash, Cedar and Oak are considered the finest wooden blinds available.

Canterbury Ash

Canterbury Oak

Canterbury Cedar